New art project

Friday, 5 May 2017 6:13 pm

I have been working on an art project titled ‘Knowledge’, a homage to the pictorial encyclopedia and the illustrators who worked on them. This project has evolved from working on a large collaged artwork of images cut and pasted from the Kowledge illustrated children’s encyclopedia. As I was cutting out the images I accidently dropped one. It landed face down on one of my black vinyl chairs. The reverse of the image was just as fascinating as the front, especially on a black background. It was then that I decided to also create a coordinating installation. I have painted scenes inside the silhouettes of other images. The other side of the image became a metaphor for celebrating the hidden side or behind the scenes of publishing large tomes. Celebrating the art and research, the work and the time, what we do not see or consider in the creation of large illustrated books. When finished the installation should be 3 meters long. Here is a photo of the completed images so far.